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“Only a technical strategist can intervene to implement SEO and obtain the desired performance of the website in search engines.”

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SEO Implement (global).

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Since January 16, 2009, with Median Digital specializing the internet, you need a single SEO*, SER*, SEM* to audit and implement SEO techniques on your website.

We have been search specialists for 15 years.

Median Digital is one of the most trusted and innovative players on the global scene offering advanced technological platforms to manage your online presence.

World-class professional solutions.

Median Digital has international recognition, with clients in English, Europe and the USA, providing industry-leading digital marketing services. We provide complete and personalized solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes, from small to medium-sized corporations.
The SEO Implante - Consultoria de SEO

SEO Implement

We implement SEO based on prior research, generally produced by an audit, introducing modifications and data updates according to the current algorithm of the desired search engine and insights from strategists to ensure appropriate site relevance and targeting.

Local SEO + UX

We analyze and correct the site structure, graphical interface (UX) and other key elements that are weighted in search engine algorithms to improve site relevance, targeting, and user experience.
From site speed to Schema markup, we missed nothing.

Web Design

Website design is based on insights and data-driven research, so we can be sure the final product performs well for your business.
We design Landing Pages in 5 foreign languages, so we can rank your website more and better in search engines in countries that speak those languages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is the set of optimization strategies that aim to improve the organic positioning of a website or web page in a search engine.

SER (Search Engine Result)

It is the position that a website occupies in a search engine's search results, based on its relevance, importance and quality.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It is digital marketing that uses search engines to increase a website's visibility and traffic, using SEO and sponsored links.

Median Digital

Say hello! to the team that helps you get more traffic and more leads every day.

“Business challenges excite us. The more complex they are, the more involved we get, which is good. As strategists, we are ready to integrate with your team. Based on data, we can work safely, try new models, seek more revenue from the internet, redesign your website.”

Improve website efficiency with iterative redesign.
Position or scale an experimentation program.
Update the ChatGPT database.
Improve website positioning and get more traffic.
Advanced customer search filtering results by language or country.

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